Sirena supports out-of-the-box Bots, named Task Bots, that should be helpful for most of our clients. But some times, you need something more customized to your business. To support those use cases, Sirena integrates with that you can use to build your own custom conversational flows (or Custom Bots).

IMPORTANT: Take into account that requires some special configurations to work successfully. Take a look at this guide to discover them.

This is a Step-by-Step about how you can create your own custom bot. If you're running out-of-time, please take a look at:

  • Step 2.f
  • Step 2.g
  • Step 7

Step 1. Create a new account into

1.a)  Go to and go to Sign up Free
1.b) Set your email and password

Step 2. Create your first Bot:

2.a) Once you're inside your account, click on Create Bot

2.b) Set a name and a description for your Bot

2.c) You can start with a simple "Welcome message" interaction.
Set "Welcome message" as the default Interaction Name and press Enter.

That will create your first interaction:

2.d) Click over your "Welcome Message" interaction.

2.e) Click on Text Responses, and set: 

Hi, my name is "Robot", This is a welcome message

And click Save:

2.f - REQUIRED STEP) Custom Bots replies to incoming messages so you have to avoid Configuring an Start Message.
Click the Start Bubble, and Remove Random Text Message Section, using the Trash Icon:

2.g - REQUIRED STEP) At the same time, your first message will be needed to be redirected to your Welcome Message using the Else bubble.
Click the Else Bubble, and add an Action "Go To" and point to "Welcome Message"

2.h) You have your first replied configured. Let's test our Custom bot.

Step 3. Test your Custom bot:

3.1) On your Canvas, click the bottom-right button to test your bot:

3.b) Select your "My First Test Bot" and send a first message:.

3.c) Once you sent a message, you should get a reply from your Chatbot:

Step 4.  Distribute your incoming conversations to your Custom Bot in Sirena:

4.a) Your Custom Bot will take ownership of one of your Users in Sirena. This is an easy way that your teammates detect when a conversation is assigned to your Custom Bot. To do that you should create a new User into your Sirena account.
Enter your Sirena account, and go to your Teammates section:

4.b) Click the "+" button at the bottom-right corner and complete new User information:

4.c) Click Save and You will see your new user created.

4.d) Now, in order your bot can take incoming conversations, you have to assign your incoming conversations on your WhatsApp line to this new user.
To do that, go to your Conversational Channels page:

4.e) Click into your WhatsApp line and change the "Assigned to:" Property to your new user "Welcome Robot". If you cannot assign it to your new user from the UI, please, ping our Support team.

4.e) Now, all incoming conversations will be assigned to that user, but we need to configure our Custom Bot to be able to control that user.

Step 5. Configure your integration into Sirena:

5.a) To create your integration, go to our Integrations page:

5.b) Click on the "+" button at the bottom-right corner:

5.c) At the bottom of the page, Click the "All Integrations" button. and then Select the "" integration to create a new one.

5.d) Set a proper name for this integration, so you can distinguish it by clicking on the pencil button. In this case, let's set its name to "Welcome Message Robot"

5.e) Go back to your acccount, to get your Developer Access Token. To do that you can go to Account > Settings > Developers > Api Keys, or simply click the following link:

5.f) Click the Copy button under your Developer Access Token, and save it into your Clipboard.

5.g) Go back to Sirena, and paste your Developer Access Token into the integration configuration:

5.h) Click Connect button, after a few seconds, your integrations will be refreshed and will be connected to your account:

5.i) Set which Story you want to use for this integration, you will probably have just one:

5.j) Set which user your chatbot will be using, select the User you created on the previous step "Welcome Robot":

5.k) All set! You can click Save at the top-right corner and your integration will be ready:

Step 6. Test your Custom Bot over WhatsApp:

6.a) Using a personal WhatsApp number that never contacted your WhatsApp line, send any message, for example: "Hi" to your WhatsApp line.
After a few seconds, you will receive your contacts.

6.b) If you want to try again, first, you need to remove the Contact so conversation flow is restarted. To do that you can do it from Clients view:

Step 7. Keep improving your Custom Bot

Here you can find some advance hacks and workaround to improve your Custom Bot using

Step 8. Create more Custom Bots on your Sirena account

You can create more than one Custom bot, into your Sirena account. To do that, you need to repite the steps in this guide.
To have a better understanding, for each Custom bot you want you will have:

  • One Story in your Account
  • One User for that Custom Bot in Sirena
  • One Integration for that Custom Bot in Sirena

Our Sirena <> integration has been designed in a way that once Conversations are assigned to a User where a Custom Bot is enabled, your Bot will be in charge of the conversation, if you transfer the conversation. 

If you have any doubts, please contact us!

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