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How to integrate Mercado Shops with Zenvia Conversion
How to integrate Mercado Shops with Zenvia Conversion
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Integrate your Mercado Shops account with Zenvia Conversion to easily manage contacts who have made a purchase on your store and automate your sales process communications via WhatsApp.

The main integration functionalities

With the integration, you will be able to:

  • Import existing contacts in Mercado Shops;

  • Identify whether or not a prospect has accepted to receive promotional messages;

  • Create a new lead whenever an order is registered in the system;

  • Show information about the new order as a note in the conversation.

Furthermore, it is possible to send automated templates through WhatsApp whenever an order is registered.

How the Mercado Shops integration works within Zenvia Conversion

The integration of your Mercado Shops account within Zenvia Conversion is via an API. When you complete the integration, you choose to import all existing contacts or create new leads whenever a new sale is closed.

You can also choose to send an automated message using one of our templates to each customer who makes a new purchase from your store. This way, they will know how to track their orders via WhatsApp.

Import all the contacts

If you decide to import the entire database of your customers, you will be able to query it in Zenvia Conversion. The contacts will be registered as "Mercado Shops" (or with the name you define) right after you configure the app and save the changes in the platform.

Imported contacts that come with Accepted seller promotions and the variable as False will be marked in an additional field so that they can be easily filtered out of mass promotional messages.

Create new leads

If you choose to create new leads, you will need to record the contact details every time a new purchase is made in your store, along with information about the items and amounts purchased. With this, the Agent will have more context about the purchase and provide a better experience for your customer.

How to activate Mercado Shops integration in Zenvia Conversion

1. Go to Apps and access the Mercado Shops app in Zenvia Conversion.

2. Choose which group to assign the integration to and press the Install button.

3. When the installation is complete, log into the app. You will be directed to the Mercado Shops website, where you must enter your username and password.

4. You will receive the security verification code in the contact registered in your account.

5. Choose the channel source name, which can be "Mercado Shops" or the name of your choice. Then complete the activation. To finish, press the Save button.

⚠️ Attention: Time stamp, ID, payments, currency and order items will be available as a note to the Agent.

How to configure the app

The application has some filters that can vary according to the user's needs and can contain the following options:

1. Import your leads into Zenvia Conversion. Select a specific date period for your existing leads.

2. Select the principal information to be shared with the Agent in the conversation. For example:

  • Date and time;

  • Order ID;

  • Total value;

  • Items ordered.

You can select more than one option.

3. Send an automatic message to the customer when there is a new sale. You can choose the template that is available in your account.

Whenever a lead accepts or not to receive promotions, the information will be available as an additional field in the contact details.

⚠️ Attention: The integration creates and synchronizes the contacts that have made a purchase on Mercado Shops within Zenvia Conversion every 1 hour automatically, it is not in real-time.

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