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How to import my contacts from Zenvia Conversion into Zenvia Attraction?
How to import my contacts from Zenvia Conversion into Zenvia Attraction?

Learn how to export and import your Conversion contact base to Attraction

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To send a bulk WhatsApp notification via Zenvia Attraction to your Zenvia Conversion contact base, just follow the steps below:

Exporting contacts from Zenvia Conversion

1 - First access your Zenvia Conversion account;

2 - Go to the contacts page, using the side menu

3- Segment the contacts you would like to extract using the available filters

4- As you are going to use the contacts for a campaign via WhatsApp, it is necessary to include the “Telephone” column if it is not already visible in the panel. You can also add other information according to your template variables (WhatsApp notification).

Click on the columns icon at the top right of the screen > activate the “Phone” option

5- Now that you have segmented the desired contacts and included the necessary columns, you can download your contact list by clicking on the “Download list” button and choose between downloading the current selection (to download only the visible contacts) or all your contacts (to export the complete contact base):

Once this is done, the file will be downloaded automatically, already in .csv format.

Important: The accepted file format in Zenvia Attraction is .csv, so it is advisable to check the file and save it in csv before importing it in Attraction.

Importing contacts in Zenvia Attraction

Now let's go step by step to import the list of contacts downloaded into Zenvia Attraction:

1- Access Zenvia Attraction through the Products menu at, using the same Zenvia Conversion login and password

2- In the side menu, click on the option Import contacts > New import

3- Upload the desired .csv file and select the list(s) in which these contacts should be added > Click continue.

If you don't have a list created yet, you can create it now.

⚠️ Attention: It is only possible to import one file at a time due to the way it is processed and the arrangement of the file columns.

💡 Tip: The file needs to be in .csv format.

4- Mapping the fields according to the necessary variables and the columns of the imported file using the “Contact manager field” session

If necessary, you can create an extra field to store information that does not fit any field already created in the system.

1- click on “Create extra field”

2- Insert the name of the new field > confirm

3 - Define the field type

⚠️ Attention: Creating extra fields is available only contacts added via file import. The limit for creating extra fields is 100 per organization and each of them can be used in other imports.

In the Import column, it is possible to select the fields to be enabled, that is, which ones will be used by the list. If a column is disabled, the system will not upload the data and it will be ignored during the import.

💡 Tip: Know that the default import behavior is to overwrite. For example: If an equal telephone number is found in the selected list, the system will overwrite the other data using the file as a base.

After finishing field mapping, click Confirm to start the import and follow the status on the “Import Contacts” page

That's it, now your Zenvia Conversion contacts are in Zenvia Attraction so you can send mass messages, integrated with Conversion..

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