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How to identify a contact from a Zenvia Attraction campaigns
How to identify a contact from a Zenvia Attraction campaigns
Learn how to identify on Zenvia Conversion a contact sourced on a Zenvia Attraction campaign
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By integrating your WhatsApp campaigns sent in Zenvia Attraction with Zenvia Conversion, you guarantee that upon receiving a response, a conversation will be opened for your consultant to quickly interact with the client or lead

These new contacts will be automatically created in your Conversion account with the source “Attraction” and you can segment them using the available filters. In the case of existing contacts in Conversion, the conversation will be reopened, maintaining the history and origin.

See in this article how to identify the contacts generated through a Zenvia Attraction campaign and monitor the performance of your marketing actions.

1- Access your Zenvia Conversion account;

2- Go to the “Contacts” tab

3- Open the filters by clicking on the icon located in the upper right corner;

4- Click on “Origin” and select the “Attraction” option in the list of existing origins in your account:

Once this is done, the contacts shown in the current list will only be those created through a Zenvia Attraction campaign.

And to identify the specific campaign that generated that contact, just open the conversation and check the campaign ID:

Or, to bulk analyze source campaigns via export, follow the steps below:

1- Still on the Contacts screen, click on the Columns icon, located in the upper right corner and includes the "Campaign" column

In this way, you will have visibility of the necessary information in the contact summary:

Once done, click the "download list" icon and then click download all

That's all, with the extracted base you can perform the desired analysis by Excel itself or import the data to your analytical tool ;-)

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