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Zenvia Conversion & Zenvia Attraction Integration
How to integrate Zenvia Attraction with my Zenvia Conversion account?
How to integrate Zenvia Attraction with my Zenvia Conversion account?
Direct all responses received from WhatsApp bulk messages to your sales advisors
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To offer a complete and centralized journey for your leads and increase your sales through quick responses, you must integrate your WhatsApp bulk messages with Zenvia Conversion. That way, whenever a lead responds to a sent template, it will automatically open a conversation for your consultants in Zenvia Conversion.

The process to activate this integration is very simple and consists of just two steps:

  1. You need to have one of Zenvia Attraction's plans contracted, as it is through this platform that you will send the WhatsApp bulk messages and manage all your campaigns.
    To learn about the available plans and hire, visit:

  2. When configuring your Attraction account, you must use the same WhatsApp line that you have registered on Zenvia Conversion - that way, any response received on Attraction will be forwarded to Conversion automatically.

Once your Zenvia Attraction account has been activated, your consultants will be able to quickly interactivate with your customers and leads.

Once your Zenvia Attraction account has been activated, you can choose whether you want the Zenvia Conversion Bot to respond to messages received as a reply to a Zenvia Attraction WhatsApp trigger.

To enable or disable Zenvia Conversion Bots in this case simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Conversion Channels page in Zenvia Conversion;

  2. Select the channel whose line is the same as the one connected in Zenvia Attraction for WhatsApp triggers;

  3. In the tab "Zenvia Conversion Bots" activate deactivate the option "Set up replies for Zenvia Attraction".

And ready! Now you can check in this article how to create your WhatsApp campaigns in Attraction and increase your sales with Conversion.

⚠️Note: For now, this integration is only available for the WhatsApp channel

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