Zenvia Attraction is one of Zenvia's platforms and has several integrated features for sharing information and data with a focus on creating and managing marketing campaigns

In addition to having features to send via Whatsapp, RCS* and SMS*, Zenvia Attraction provides additional systems such as:

  • Contacts manager;

  • Importation of the contact base;

  • Information panel.

An example use case for using Zenvia Attraction in conjunction with Zenvia Conversion would be:

By importing a list into the contact manager, you can use it to send in bulk and, as soon as a contact responds to the notification sent, a conversation will automatically open in Zenvia Conversion so that one of your consultants can continue the service in time real, increasing the chances of conversion and sale.

💡 Tip: For more information about Zenvia Attraction plans, check our price list.

**SMS and RCS channels are not yet available in the Zenvia Attraction integration with Zenvia Conversion

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