Hey! if you got this far, I think you already have a Zenvia Conversion [Sirena] plan contracted.

In this article you'll get easy access to the first steps to set up your account and quickly start your operation.

Reminder: only admin users and dashboards admin can access and set up this configurations

Platform access

1- How to login on Zenvia Conversion

2- How to invite users to your account

3- Understand profiles differences

Setting up your WhatsApp line

1- Change you line's logo

2- Configure Conversion Bot

3- Set up a welcome message according with sources

4- Set up an automated away message

5- How to create WhatsApp and Facebook Message Templates

6- Guidelines for creating your WhatsApp templates.

7- Requirements to request verification (green badge) of your line in WhatsApp

Social networks and other apps integration

1- Facebook

2- Instagram

3- App Integrations

4- App Marketplace Intro

Usability and business operation

1- Whats is a WhatsApp session?

2- Staff working hours

3- Contacts distribution rules

4- Create and manage labels

5- Create closing reasons (available in plan PRO)

6- How to download Zenvia Conversion’s app?

  1. Desktop

  2. Mobile

7- How bulk upload contacts?

8- WhatsApp Business API limitations


Watch the full overviews tutorials of Zenvia Conversion's platform accessing our linktree page

Following this guidance you'll be able to set up any configuration needed in your account to use the platform in the best way and enjoy all the conversion power.

In case of remaining doubts not solved by our help center, contact our technical support team through the email conversion.soporte@zenvia.com or by webchat* (available for all PRO users and Basic admins)


Financial matters , billing, invoicing and payments

If you need help with this topic contact the billing department though the email conversion.billing@zenvia.com.

For others infos access the How my account is billed article

Report a problem

If you have an issue, instability or even something not working as is should, contact our technical support though the email conversion.soporte@zenvia.com or by webchat* (availabe for all PRO users and Basic admins)

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