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How to create an account on Zenvia Conversion
How to create an account on Zenvia Conversion

How to create an account on Zenvia Conversion

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To create your free Zenvia Conversion account and start using the platform for testing, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and click on “Sign up”

  2. Then fill in the fields with your information. In the “mobile number” field, you must enter a valid number enabled to receive and send WhatsApp messages to proceed with the account creation process

  3. In the next step of registration you will need to validate your identity by sending a message to our number. You can do this via QR Code or by clicking on the WhatsApp number

  4. As soon as we receive your confirmation message on WhatsApp, a new screen will appear for you to fill in your company information and at the end, click on the “Next” button

  5. Then select the first channel you want to use in Zenvia Conversion. Remembering that this is an initial configuration and you can add more channels later.

    By clicking on “Next”, a screen with the specifications of the functionalities available in the free trial plan will be displayed for knowledge, considering that the WhatsApp line available will only be for testing.

  6. In the last step of registration, you will see as a suggestion the applications most chosen by our customers, according to their sector. You can select one of them and start the installation at that moment or click on “skip” and configure the apps later in the marketplace.

That's it, at the end of this step your registration will be completed and you will be directed to the platform's home page to start using it. We recommend that you watch the guided tour of the platform to get to know and learn the first steps

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