Manually registering a new client in Zenvia Conversion in the app version:

1 - Click on the "Inbox" option in the lower menu bar:

And then on the top left icon to add a client:

Complete the form with the client's information.

Remember to tag the client according to level of interest cold, warm, hot), category (some dealerships, for example, categorize their clients into buyers of used or pre-owned cars) and source (for example, showroom, referral, or any other options defined by the administrator)

The source channel indicates how the client encountered your business. It is important that you talk to your manager to understand which option to select in each case. If you choose arbitrarily the marketing team will be deprived of valuable information.

3 - Click "Save" in the upper right-hand corner and that's it!

Note: To avoid errors when interacting with the client, it is not allowed to add two numbers per contact if they are two numbers with an active WhatsApp account. The field available to add a new number can be used to register any other customer contact number (work phone or other number without WhatsApp).

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