The focus of this report is to present the performance of your Meta campaigns generated through Facebook and Instagram. Measuring the conversion of each of your ads has never been so easy!

From Zenvia Conversion, you can see when a potential client is interested in talking to your company from an ad and help convert their interest into a new sale.

You can analyze the main information of your Meta campaigns from the Reports > Ad Performance tab:

The table shows the following information:

  • Campaing ID: Provided by Meta in ad references

  • Campaing Headline: Name used in the ad and visible to the contact in their first interaction

  • Interactions: Number of interactions a specific campaign had. Interactions must be received in Zenvia Conversion to be counted

  • Contacts: Number of unique contacts that interacted with a campaign

  • Conversions: Number of conversations linked to the campaign that was closed with the reason "Campaign Conversion" and its percentage according to the total conversations generated by that Campaign ID

The data will show from more conversations to fewer conversions per ad.

The report can be filtered by:

  • Group: Campaigns that had interaction with a certain group of agents or WhatsApp lines

  • Users: Campaigns that had interaction with a certain agents or WhatsApp lines

  • Time Period: The selected time range to be considered

If a client contacts your company again to close a new sale, the agent will have the option to choose how to close the conversation, considering if:

  • It is the same sale as the one previously registered = it does not count as a new sale and is associated with the previously created sale

  • It is a new sale = counts as a new sale in the report

It works that way even if the client has been transferred to another agent or group.

Also, keep in mind that to record the information of the ads in the Zenvia Conversion reports, you need to use the "Campaign Conversion" closing reason.

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