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FAQ Bot for Basic Plan agents
FAQ Bot for Basic Plan agents

Discover how to use our FAQ Bot to answer your frequent questions

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From your Zenvia Conversion account you can access our FAQ Bot quickly and easily to get answers and solve problems you may be facing.

From the question icon, select the "FAQ Bot" option and then a new screen will open where you must choose between: "Doubts about Zenvia Conversion", "Report a problem", "Registration for training" and "Give feedback/ request new features":

By selecting one of the options, the bot will start replying by displaying help articles related to the issue you need help with.

The bot will not go to support at any time, the objective is to guide your search and facilitate problem resolution.

It may be necessary to clear the cache one time in order for this new functionality to be enabled in your account and you can start using the FAQ Bot.

Note: This functionality is only available for users with the role of agents, accounts with Basic Plan.

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