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Enterprise Plan, Pro or Basic?
Enterprise Plan, Pro or Basic?

Check the features of each one and decide which one is best for your company!

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Centralise your sales team in a single place, increase your sales conversion and optimise your customer's experience using Zenvia Conversion's multiple communication channels.

See our plans below:

Enterprise Plan

Includes all the features of our Basic and Pro plans, plus:

  • Advanced conversational flows and bots

  • Develop from your most used software

  • Get potential customers and develop satisfaction surveys

  • Professional Services dedicated team

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

Pro Plan

Includes all Basic features plus:

  • Organize users by teams;

  • Up to 500 Broadcast messages;

  • Create all WhatsApp lines you need *(implementation cost not included);

  • Add custom contact information;

  • Access to Zenvia Conversion's API.

Basic Plan


  • Multi-channel conversations;

  • Up to 100 Broadcast messages;

  • Automate conversations with Zenvia Conversion Bots;

  • Shared Inbox with your team;

  • Integrate different lead sources;

  • Custom Labels.

For all the plans you will need to pay the WhatsApp API Line an extra cost per line. You can access more information and hire any of our plans directly through our website.

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