The Contacts Panel is a very important section for your business, because it is where you can see your complete Zenvia Conversion database and all the information provided by your clients.

From this panel, you can apply various filters, and each of the icons indicated below has its own functionality:

From left to right, we have:


Select the group you'd like to see data for:

The name of the higher group ("Parent Group" in this example) will always be first, and then it will be filtered by the group you have selected.

Time Filter

You can choose from these options: "Today", "Yesterday", "Last 7 days", "Last 30 days", "This month", "Last month", and "All time".

We recommend always filtering by " All time" to get the information about contacts from the moment of intake.

User Filters

For this filter, select whether you want to include "All users" --as shown-- or just one specific user:

Depending on which you choose, you'll see different information. Next, for the icons to the right, we have:


When you click on "Install Apps" or "Discover new apps" this shortcut will take you to the Apps section to install new apps:

Learn more details about this section in this article.

Broadcast Messages

From this icon, you can create broadcast messages and choose which contacts to send to: just those in your current view or all:

Remember that to load more contacts into your current view, you'll need to move the panel down. To learn step by step howto send broadcast messages in this help article.

Download List

After filtering your contacts as desired, this icon allows you to download your compiled information, once again having the choice to either download the current view or all:

Click here to learn how to download a spreadsheet.


These are the columns displayed on the Contacts Panel, which you can customize according to your preferences:

In this example, we see that the columns "Full name", "Interested in", "Agent", "Status", and "Closing reason" are selected:


With this icon, you can create favorite filters that makes it easier to apply filters when you need to see the same data frequently:

When you click on "Add filters to favorites" a new window will open so you can create a favorite:

In "Favorites" you'll see a list of all the filters that you have previously added:

Clear Filters

When you click on the trash can, all filters you have applied will be removed from the Contacts Panel and you can begin filtering again from scratch:


Here you can choose what you want to see on the Contacts Panel, whether, for example, you want to filter by tag color, the source group for a contact, or the contact status, among many other options:

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