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Limitations of WhatsApp Business API
Limitations of WhatsApp Business API

Check what are the main limitations of the version of WhatsApp that we use in Zenvia Conversion

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How do message templates work in Zenvia Conversion?

Due to the use of the API de WhatsApp Business, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger templates are the only way for your company to start conversations, as long as the contact was not the first to write, as established in WhatsApp's user policies.

These templates can also be used to re-establish contact with your leads after more than 24 hours have passed since the last interaction.

In the case of WhatsApp, templates are approved with Zenvia Conversion's management but without our interference, since said approval continues to depend entirely on WhatsApp. Within 5 business days, WhatsApp will respond if the template is approved or not and within 24 business hours after a positive response, it will be enabled to be used in the application. For Facebook, the approval is immediate

In both cases, you can check how to create them in this article and keep in mind that they must meet the following requirements. Check more details in the following video:

Can I postpone the 24-hour session if a client calls me on the weekend?

At the moment, it is not possible to postpone the 24-hour session since WhatsApp rules after this period only send templates. You can consult in this article how WhatsApp sessions work in Zenvia Conversion.

What happens if a client calls by WhatsApp?

If a customer tries to make calls from their WhatsApp to your company, they will not find the phone icon that usually corresponds to this action, since this function is not available for WhatsApp lines connected to the API, as is the case with Zenvia Conversion.

Other limitations of the WhatsApp Business API that affect Zenvia Conversion are:

  • Share contacts internally, forward files, messages or audios, not even from Zenvia Conversion to another line;

  • Respond to timely messages from customers;

  • Have WhatsApp Business Catalogs;

  • Add the line to WhatsApp groups;

  • Statuses such as "busy", "at work" or "in a meeting" are not available, nor are statuses in story format;

  • Delete messages from your line.

As mentioned, Zenvia Conversion is integrated into the official WhatsApp Business API, which, in turn, does not have the features mentioned above at the moment, because of that, although they are present for the common WhatsApp versions (personal or Business) they do not they will be within our application.

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