How to Block Document Attachments

Request that document sending be blocked in groups or users in your account Zenvia Conversion

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In Zenvia Conversion, you can choose to disable the option to attach and send documents that is available within each conversation. By default, this option is enabled, that means, the sending of documents is allowed in the entire account, however, it is possible to request that it be disabled if you want a specific group not to have access to this feature.

To make this request, contact our Support Team:

You'll need to tell the Support Team which users or groups you'd like the feature disabled for, and once they confirm they've made the change, log out and log back in. You'll see that the option is no longer available in conversations:

You will also no longer be able to send documents by dragging and dropping them into the conversation.

If you attempt to attach a document, the following error will appear:

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