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In Zenvia Conversion, Pro Plan customers can add additional fields that are customized to your business, improving the organization of important information in the platform and making it easier for your team to access.

Additional fields can be simple text (open), dropdown (multiple options) or date:

The date fields will open a calendar to choose the date:

You can also add other additional attributes: hint, validationRegex, validationError y required.

  • hint is a greyed-out message that will appear if the field is empty.

  • validationRegex is the setting that only allows specific characters to be entered. For example, only numbers or letters, only numbers in a certain format, or a specific number of digits.

  • validationError is a warning that will appear if the data in the field to not match the validation criteria from the validationRegex;

  • required indicates whether or not the field is mandatory.

These additional attributes and validations only apply to text fields, so they won't work correctly if you add dropdown fields or date fields.

How can I tell which groups the fields will be created in?

Fields are inherited, meaning any descendent of the group you set up the field in will have access. Groups above the group in question will not be able to use the fields or find them from the contacts view.

To get a better understanding of how Zenvia Conversion's group organization works, take a look at this article.

In the following account tree shows an example: if you add an additional field to group G3, groups G4 and G5 (in orange) will inherit those fields and be able to use them.

However, groups G1 and G2 (in red) won't have access to them, so no administrator or agent in those groups will be able to see or find them.

Note: This feature is only available for Pro plans.

How can I request new additional fields?

To make the request, contact our Support Team:

It is important to provide all the necessary information so the team will be able to complete the request, for example, the name of the field, the format, and which groups will have access to the additional field.


  • Free text (alphanumeric)

  • List (options to select)

  • Date: calendar format or DD/MM/AAA text

  • Limited number of digits or free number

Optional features

  • hint (greyed-out message that explains what type of information should be used to fill out the field.)

  • Required or not

Below is an example message that you can use in your request:

"Hello, I'd like to request new additional fields. I would like:

  • 1 free text field called "City" with the hint "Type the city the client called from."

  • 1 free text field called "Additional number" with the hint "Only numbers in XX-XXXXXXXXX format" and that returns an error if not completed correctly that says "This number is not in the requested format."

  • 1 required dropdown field called "Country" with the following options: Argentina and Chile.

Please make the fields accessible to the entire account, thank you."

Copy this template, change the details as needed and send it to our support team. Once the fields are requested and approved, you can enable or disable the additional fields option in the details for each contact.

⚠️ Attention: only Pro Plan customers can request additional fields.

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