In Zenvia Conversion, you can set reminders within conversations with a client and choose how long before you want to be reminded to send a new message.

From the conversation you want to schedule the reminder for, click Schedule.

Next, you'll see the time options. Choose whether you want to be reminded in 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, a day later, the next afternoon, or if you want to choose when (date and time) to schedule the reminder.

You can also choose whether the conversation you are setting a reminder for should be paused. If you choose that option, the conversation will appear in the Scheduled inbox.

By default, this option is activated, but you can disable it if you prefer to have the conversations appear in the open conversations inbox.

Así se visualizará un recordatorio vencido:

Note: The time of the reminders is configured based on the time that is configured on the device that Zenvia Conversion is using, that is, if the time on your device is OK, the reminder will work normally.

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