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Important: The user that is being used in the integration must be a user with API permissions. This user won’t be able to access Cockpit CRM Dashboards:


For the integration with Webmotors to work correctly, it is necessary to make the connection through Cockpit and through Sirena, as we will explain below.

Steps to perform the integration:

1 - Login into Cockpit https://www.cockpit.com.br/ and go to Usuários:

2 - Add a New User that will have the permissions to interact with the API:

3 - Complete the form where the arrows appear. Check that the permission Integrador de API is selected.

TIP: We recommend that the domain of the email should be something like xyz@getsirena.com or xyz@sirena.app

4 - After creating a API User, the client should activate Sirena as the Leads Manager. For this, the client must be logged in with the ADMIN user)

Video: How to connect Webmotors in Sirena (In Spanish)

This can be done in 2 ways:

Press "Confirm" and you're done! The integration is now correctly configured in the Cockpit, now follow the steps below to perform the Webmotors integration within Sirena:

1 - Go to Apps and search for Webmotors:

2 - When you click, a new window opens and you must choose the group where you want to install the application > click on "Assign" > "Install". Finally, connect your Webmotors account:

Click "Save" at the top right of the screen, and you're done! Integration completed successfully.

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