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How to Forward Messages in Zenvia Conversion
How to Forward Messages in Zenvia Conversion

Forward messages to up to ten active prospects at a time

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In Zenvia Conversion, you can forward messages from one conversation to another in just a few clicks, saving time and making it easier for agents to communicate with their clients. Below we'll show you how you can benefit from this feature.

Within the conversation, each message can be re-sent to another contact as long as they are active prospects, in other words, the conversation must be within a session period.

After you choose the message, click Forward.

Select which clients you would like to send the selected message to. You can select up to 10 (ten) contacts at a time:

After you click Send, a new window will open to confirm the action. Click on Forward and you're all set:

In a few seconds the message will appear in the destination conversation:


  • This does not apply to conversation notes

  • You cannot use this feature from the Contact Panel, just from Conversations

  • Contacts will only appear as available once they finish the configured bot flow (if you have one applied)

  • Contacts must be assigned to the same agent in order to forward successfully

  • This functionality is available for the three conversational channels: WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger

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