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Group settings, new contacts waiting and average waiting time
Group settings, new contacts waiting and average waiting time

Discover how to configure these options in Zenvia Conversion

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To get started, go to Settings> Groups&Users click on the three indicated dots and then press General:

Next, some options will appear that can be edited:

New waiting contacts

In this section, you can modify the times to be considered so that the "Waiting contacts" graph is generated in the Summary section. You can choose the time to be considered for a contact to be shown as ''Delayed'' or ''Urgent'' after X minutes, as well as stipulate a limit of contacts waiting and receive a notification if that limit is exceeded.

Average waiting time

In this section you can configure the waiting minute limit and also receive a notification if the average waiting time exceeds the previously configured minutes.

Group Settings

In this part you can change the Group Name in which you are, the language of this same group as well as activate or deactivate the Shared Inbox, the Unassigned List as well as manage the option to Hide contact's phone number in the case of not wanting agents to have access to this information:

Note: If you want to create new groups, you have to contact our Support Team. Nevertheless, this request is exclusively available to Pro plans.

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