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Learn how to sign up for Zenvia Conversion incident updates

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Sometimes, Zenvia Conversion can experience some instability and while we work to find and offer the solution, we want you to be well informed and know where and how to follow each time you experience any inconvenience.

That's what the Status Page is for, there you can check in real time about the availability and performance of our platform.

You can access from Settings > Help Docs:

When entering, if you see the following information, it means that everything is fine at the moment:

Other possible states are also: Informational, in gray, Under Maintenance, in blue, Degraded Performance, in yellow, Partial Outage, in orange, and Major Outage, in red.

When you see a current incident, you can click on it and all the relevant information will appear as in the following image:

How to sign up to be notified in case of incidents or maintenance on the platform?

To subscribe, simply click on the "Subscribe" button on the upper right side of the page:

Fill in the requested data, check your email to confirm the subscription and that's it!

You will now be able to follow the performance of the platform and you will start to be notified by email.

Remember to select only the components that correspond to Zenvia Conversion:

Note: The previously used Sirena Status Page will disappear, as all the information will be found as explained in this article.

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