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Meta Inc. (the new name of Facebook Inc.), owner of WhatsApp, has announced upcoming changes to their billing policy and prices for using the channel worldwide from 2022.

As an official provider of the WhatsApp Business API, Zenvia Conversion - part of the Zenvia Group - will make the necessary changes to comply with this policy.

As mentioned above, be aware that:

  • The changes will take effect beginning January 1st, 2022;

  • The charges for message traffic will only be based on the number of conversations (24-hour sessions) you have;

  • The prices per conversation vary depending on who initiated the conversation (whether it was you, the "Business", or your client, the "Contact").

What is a "Conversation"?

A conversation is a conversational window that starts when an initial message is sent or received by the Business or client (Contact).

Each conversation on WhatsApp has a 24-hour session that begins when the client (Contact) or the Business starts a conversation by sending a message, and remains open for 24 hours. If the client stops responding for 24 hours, the session is closed and it will automatically reopen when you send a message template or a new message is received from your customer.

Any message sent or received during the time the 24-hour session remains open, whether by the client or the business, is not charged, only a charge will be made for the beginning of the session.

You can also refer to this article to better understand the concept of "Conversation" within Zenvia Conversion.

Price changes:

WhatsApp has changed the prices for using the channel, with these changes, the new prices Zenvia Conversion will charge per 24-hour conversation are the ones that you can find in this link.

These prices will take effect beginning with the January 1st, 2022, billing cycle.

If you have any questions about the changes from WhatsApp, you can contact our Support Team.

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