What is Zenvia Flow?

Flow is a communication platform that allows you to structure automated journeys, in addition to making connections with different systems, using the channels provided by the platform: Facebook, RCS, SMS, Voice, WhatsApp and Web Chat*.

¿How does it work?

Flow simplifies communication processes

  • It integrates with dozens of software through its API.

  • It allows you to create virtual assistants (chatbots) for WhatsApp in a completely personalized way.

  • It captures leads and develop satisfaction surveys.

  • It creates notifications generated manually or by automations.

Flow generates higher revenue, satisfaction and/or lower operating costs.

  • Your company can build internal workdays to collect information from your employees and feed your CRM or management system.

  • Allows you to create WhatsApp notifications about product launches or company news.


  • At the moment, this integration is in BETA

  • *Currently only available for Whatsapp, but soon we will add Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

  • It is not possible to use Sirena Bots and Zenvia Flow simultaneously. Installing one overrides the other.

  • We are working to be able to enter the hierarchy of groups, so that the Bot can end up referring to the corresponding group.

  • We are working so that the bot can create a direct Lead to an agent.

  • Soon, in addition, Zenvia Flow will be able to create leads only with a phone number.

  • If the conversation is closed from Sirena, the communication stream goes back to Flow.

  • At the moment, if there are no agents available in the desired group, the lead is not created in Sirena and the conversation is closed.

  • "Reassignment Days" for Zenvia Flow are not currently available.

Where to request it?

Click here for more information from one of our specialists.

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