What is Zenvia Flow?

Flow is a communication platform that allows you to structure automated journeys, in addition to making connections with different systems, using the channels provided by the platform: Facebook, RCS, SMS, Voice, WhatsApp and Web Chat.

¿How does it work?

Flow simplifies communication processes:

  • It integrates with dozens of software through its API;

  • It allows you to create virtual assistants (chatbots) for WhatsApp in a completely personalized way;

  • It captures leads and develop satisfaction surveys;

  • It creates notifications generated manually or by automations.

Flow generates higher revenue, satisfaction and/or lower operating costs

  • Your company can build internal workdays to collect information from your employees and feed your CRM or management system;

  • Allows you to create WhatsApp notifications about product launches or company news.


  • The integration has an extra cost and at the moment it is in BETA;

  • To develop a flow, we recommend that you hire a package of hours from the Professional Services team, and that team will take care of building the flow, testing it, and helping you with any failures. In case you prefer to build it on your own, you need to have your own technical team and rely on the tool's documentation, since the Support Team only provides help for specific issues regarding platform failures, not errors due to the construction of the flow.

  • Currently only available for WhatsApp;

  • It is not possible to use Zenvia Conversion Bot and Zenvia Flow simultaneously. Once Zenvia Flow is installed, Zenvia Conversion Bot is automatically disabled;

  • The Zenvia Conversion + Flow integration allows conversations to reach human agents in Zenvia Conversion through a plugin after going through flow automations. After the contact in Zenvia Conversion , the conversations can return to the flow and continue with other automations.

  • We are working to be able to enter the hierarchy of groups, so that the bot can end up referring to the corresponding group, in addition to allowing the bot to create a direct lead to an agent;

  • Soon, it is estimated that Zenvia Flow will be able to create leads only with a phone number;

  • If the conversation is closed from Zenvia Conversion, the communication stream goes back to Flow;

  • At the moment, if there are no agents available in the desired group, the lead is not created in Zenvia Conversion and the conversation is closed;

  • "Reassignment Contacts" for Zenvia Flow are not currently available.

Where to request it?

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