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Zenvia Conversion Integration with Zenvia Bots
Zenvia Conversion Integration with Zenvia Bots
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Integrate your Zenvia Bots account with Zenvia Conversion to extend your presence in various conversational channels, build communication flows and automate messages with your customers.

⚠️ Note: For this integration you need to hire the Zenvia Conversion solution and the Zenvia Bots tool.

Learn more about Zenvia Bots

Zenvia Bots simplifies processes, integrates with dozens of software applications through its API, creates customised virtual assistants (chatbots) for communication channels.

How to install Zenvia Bots within the Zenvia Conversion platform

To set up Zenvia Bots in your Zenvia Conversion account, go to Apps in the left side menu and click the "+" icon in the bottom left corner.

Select the Zenvia Bots integration.

Set the responsible group to receive the calls originating from this integration and then click Install.

To finish the installation, you must accept the terms and conditions.

That is all! You have now installed Zenvia Bots in your Zenvia Conversion account.

How to configure Zenvia Bots on Zenvia Conversion

To configure the tool, go to Conversational Channels, select the channel you want to use in Zenvia Bots, and then click Configure.

Also, you need to create a token with the channel line as "token name". Take a look at the example below and access it by clicking on Developers > Tokens and Webhooks.

When you click Configure, you will be directed to , where you must configure the same number used in Zenvia Conversion.

To check if your communication channel line is configured correctly in app.zenvia follow the directions available in the example below:

Products > All channels > WhatsApp > Account.

Go to the article How to Set Up the Zenvia Bots plugins to get the full documentation on plugins in Zenvia Bots.

Zenvia Conversion Bots vs Zenvia Bots

Although both are Zenvia products and have similar names, they are different. Understand more about the difference between each of them:

Zenvia Conversion Bots is a native Zenvia Conversion chatbot that allows you to automate welcome messages, request contact information, route your customers' responses to the right teams, and create low-complexity conversational flows.

Zenvia Bots is a Zenvia tool that allows you to create communication flows of different complexities, process automation and integration via API or webhook with any system.


The integration has an extra cost and is currently in Beta version.

It is not possible to use Zenvia Conversion Bot and Zenvia Bots simultaneously in the same row. After installing Zenvia Bots, Zenvia Conversion Bot is automatically deactivated.

Using Zenvia Bots does not affect other lines that have Zenvia Conversion Bots active. In other words, on the same account you can have different lines using Zenvia Conversion Bots and Zenvia Bots automations.

The Zenvia Conversion + Zenvia Bots integration allows conversations to reach the human Agents in Zenvia Conversion via a plugin after going through the Zenvia Bots flow. After contact in Zenvia Conversion, conversations can go back into the flow and continue with other automations.

To develop a flow, we recommend that you hire a package of hours from the Professional Services team. This team will be in charge of building the flow, conducting tests and helping with any glitches.

If you are already a client of one of our Zenvia Partners, you can count on our help to develop your flow. Please note that the Support Team can only help with specific issues related to platform failures, not errors due to the construction of the flow.

At the moment, if there are no Agents available in the desired group, the lead is not created in Zenvia Conversion and the conversation is closed.

⚠️ Note: For the time being, the case of Contact Reassignment for Zenvia Bots is not covered.

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