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How to Integrate Zenvia Conversion with OLX
How to Integrate Zenvia Conversion with OLX

Learn how OLX works and how to integrate Zenvia Conversion with OLX

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The OLX integration for Zenvia Conversion is available for several countries including Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. To get started with this integration, follow these steps:

1 - Go to Apps and click the "+" icon, and search for OLX:

2 - Copy the email that appears in the integration settings.

There are two ways to connect the integration:

  • By creating a new OLX account with the email address generated by the integration. If you choose this, you will need to re-create the advertisements in this new account.

  • Keeping your current account. To do this, set up email forwarding of emails received through OLX to the email created by the integration. Once this is set up, you will be able to forward leads from OLX to Zenvia Conversion, which will in turn process the information and enter it as a new client. It is fine for the emails to arrive with "DSV".

3 - Assign the integration to the desired channel and set up the desired distribution rule in the Advanced section.

Activate the channel using the switch in the upper right corner and click Save. You're all set! Your integration with OLX should now be functioning correctly.


  • You must have OLX Pro to receive leads via email, and therefor also to receive leads in Zenvia Conversion.

  • With a Pro plan and the integration set up, you must disable the OLX chat to receive leads via email.

  • The OLX integration is through email, but OLX does not allow you to change the email or register a new one to receive leads.

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