Create, manage and edit labels

Customize your labels according to the needs of your business.

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Zenvia Conversion allows you to tag your contacts to identify them according to their needs, their stage in the sales funnel, or any other attribute that helps you organize them in the best way.

To create your labels:

1- Go to your account settings.

2- Select the option Manage Labels. Now, you can create your label.

3- You must choose the name, the assigned color, and the group in which that label will be used.

4. Press "Create" and you're done. Your operators will be able to edit your contacts by adding tags to them.

How to tag contacts

1- Go to any contact and click on their name or image.

2- The contact edit box will open.


3- Click on the label and select the one you want.


4- Save the changes. The customer will now appear in the label color. In addition, from the Contacts screen, you can filter your customers according to the label assigned to them.

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