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Learn how you can send your Facebook product catalog via WhatsApp

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Create a Catalog

1 - Access your Commerce Manager page in your Facebook Business Manager (https://business.facebook.com/commerce/) and press on “Add a Catalog”:

2 - Setup your catalog configuration and rename it to your company name (don't use the default name, this will cause problems when connecting it to Zenvia):

Remember to copy and save the catalog ID, which you will find in the address bar of your browser. It will help you connect to our API.

3 - You can add or edit existing items by clicking on “Add items” or by clicking on the existing one’s. Remember that the SKU for each item should be set manually for the integration to work in Zenvia Conversion.

If you have a catalog already created you can use it for the Zenvia Conversion app, however, if you are already using it in another store, it will be necessary to create a new one, either manually or if it was created by template or connection with an e-commerce you need to repeat that process.

Generate a Token

1 - Access "System-Users" tab in your Facebook Manager account (https://business.facebook.com/settings/system-users) and click on "Add Assets":

Note: If the user does not appear in this section, create an app by accessing this link https://developers.facebook.com/apps and following these steps https://developers.facebook.com/docs/development/create-an-app

2 - Click on Catalog, select the one you want to connect to Zenvia Conversion and give "Full control" activating this option:

3 - Click on "Generate new token" and check the boxes for ads_reads, catalog_management e ads_management:

4 - Click on "Generate Token" and it should be generated successfully:

Note: This error could appear, they should make the app they are using for the token public:

Connect a catalog to Zenvia

1 - The user accesses it’s FB Manager account in the "Catalogs" tab (https://business.facebook.com/settings/product-catalogs).

2 - Once the catalog to be connected has been chosen, the user should click on the “Assign Partners” button and select the "Business ID" option:

3 - The "Business ID" captured by the user should be the one from Zenvia (376868829174341) or MKMB (2266227900329914), to confirm which of the two you choose, you can contact the Support Team.

It’s important to activate the "Full Control" option in order to be able to see the catalog from Zenvia Conversion.

4 - Zenvia should appear as a partner in the catalog now:

Configuring the Facebook Catalog application in Zenvia Conversion

1 - In Zenvia Conversion, go to the apps section and tap the "+" icon at the bottom right of your screen. Then, click "Facebook Catalog":

Then choose the group that will use this catalog and tap "Install":

2 - You will see a screen in which you must place the catalog ID (necesitas crear tu catálogo en tu propio Facebook Business Manager) and the access code or Token. Activate the app and accept:

IMPORTANT: After saving your configuration data, contact our Support Team to finalize the activation of the Facebook Catalog app in your Zenvia Conversion account.

How to use the Facebook Catalog app

1 - Go to the bottom of any conversation and select "+". Then, select the "Catalog" icon:

A screen will open, in which you can search for the products by SKU code, Name, Brand, Color, or other aspects that you have previously placed in your Facebook catalog.

Note: For the integration to work, clients have to add an SKU NUMBER to each of the products they add to the catalog. They Can not leave the SKU NUMBER that comes by default, they need to change it.

To change the SKU code: click on article > edit article > at the bottom change the content identifier to anything they want or import all products with a unique code.

2 - You can also filter by availability (In Stock, Out of Stock, Not defined) and gender (Male, Female, Unisex):

By selecting the products and pressing “Continue”, a screen will open where you can place a message to send together with the catalog.

By submitting the selection, the customer will be able to review the products and their descriptions on their WhatsApp.

facebook catalogo

3 - In addition, by clicking on "View items" he can choose the products he wants to buy and send you his shopping cart with the selected items and add an optional message so that you can continue with the process.

To send a message from this section, you must first press the "add to cart" button and add the product as indicated, and then write a message and send it to the company.

Note: So that the products selected by the client in Zenvia Conversion can be displayed correctly when selecting a product it will not be possible to send messages through the "Message Business" option because when doing this, only the message will be sent without the product details:


  • To edit the catalog, you must grant permissions to Zenvia Business Manager.

  • If you can't see the catalog in Zenvia Conversion, there is likely another problem with the catalog itself.

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