The first step is to activate the app. Like any other app, go to the apps section. Tap the + icon at the bottom right of your screen and click the Catalog icon.

Then choose the group that will use this catalog.


You will see a screen in which you must place the catalog ID and the access code or Token. Activate the app and accept.

Here I explain how to get the Facebook ID and here the Facebook token.

How to use the Facebook Catalog app

Go to the bottom of any conversation and select +.

Then, select the Catalog icon.

A screen will open, in which you can search for the products by SKU code, Name, Brand, Color, or other aspects that you have previously placed in your Facebook catalog. You can also filter by availability (in or out of stock) and gender.

By selecting the products and pressing “Continue”, a screen will open where you can place a message to send together with the catalog.

write a message facebook catalog app

By submitting the selection, the customer will be able to review the products and their descriptions on their WhatsApp.

In addition, he can choose the products he wants to buy and send you his shopping cart so that you can continue with the process!

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