The WhatsApp Business API enables number portability between providers, also known as BSPs (Business Solution Providers). But what does that mean? And what are the benefits for you?

This feature allows you to take the number(s) that are registered for your account to any official WhatsApp provider without needing to change that existing number.


WhatsApp number, you will be able to keep your WhatsApp number regardless of the BSP you want to work with.

New features, Zenvia (the company that acquired Sirena) is an official WhatsApp provider that has features that other providers don't currently offer, such as, for example, sending and receiving location, campaign origin reception with the WhatsApp button for Facebook, a WhatsApp bot with button selection, and shopping cart, among others.

Firsthand support, Since Sirena is part of Zenvia, we have immediate access to provide quicker and more effective support for all your lines within this BSP.


  • Loss of some templates.

  • Bot setup reset. You may need to configure it again.

  • Change in the name of some templates.

  • Errors in migrated templates.

If you are interested in migrating from your current BSP to Zenvia, please read the following article where we explain the steps and conditions for completing the migration successfully.

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