Sometimes Zenvia Conversion doesn't allow you to send messages to some clients and the option to send templates appears to be blocked, as shown below:

When this happens, you can always try checking that the client's number is associated with a WhatsApp account so they can be contacted. To do this, go to number) and WhatsApp will redirect you to your personal WhatsApp to send a message to the number you entered.

For example, if the contact number is +54 987-654 231, go to, removing all hyphens and spaces.

You can also use this technique to create a contact link to your WhatsApp number that you can share with your clients, as explained in this article: "How to create a link to your WhatsApp number."

When you go to the address explained above with the client's number, most of the time you'll see the following message:

phone number shared

This means that the contact doesn't have a WhatsApp account and therefore you are unable to contact them. If you created the contact manually, make sure you check the number you entered and verify that it's correct.

If the client came through a campaign or online form, it's likely they left a landline (with no WhatsApp) or entered a wrong number.

If that's not the case and the client does have an active WhatsApp account, please send an email to our Support Team so we can help you.

Note: Due to a restriction by WhatsApp/Facebook, some numbers when sending messages to or from the following countries (Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria) will not enter Zenvia Conversion.

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