If you're having trouble with Zenvia Conversion and none of the options you've seen are able to resolve them, you can check for a specific error in your browser. If you are using Chrome, go to View > Developer options > JavaScript console.

  • Once you're in, review the Console and Network options to see whether there is an error.

  • If you find an error in Network, click on it and take a screenshot showing the URL the returns the error as well as the response.

  • If you see something that looks similar to the examples below, please disconnect and reconnect to the internet, or advise the appropriate team within your organization, as the cause is likely a restriction from some antivirus software, firewall, extension, or configuration set up by your network administrator.

enter image description here

  • The most common examples contain words associated with blocks due to CORS policies, blocked_by_client or by a connection timeout because the modem or computer was not restarted. These errors are completely out of our control and can frequently be resolved by uninstalling extensions, restarting the modem and the computer, and, as needed, removing restrictions on the following sites from your antivirus or network administrator:

    • *.zenvia.app

    • *.ably.io

    • *ably.com

    • *.ably-realtime.com

    • *.intercom.io

    • *.zenvia.com

    • *.herokuapp.com

    • *.zenvia.com

    • *.zenvia.io

  • If you see a 400 or 500 error like the examples shown below, or if you see an error that says Cannot read property, please take a screenshot of both the Console and the Network and send them to our support team for review. In the Network section, look for any data in red and click on it to show both the URL and the response.

  • We may need a video showing more detail, so you can speed up this step by recording a video showing exactly the errors you see. If necessary, you can download a free tool such as Loom to record a video of your screen.

If you have any questions about this article or are not able to resolve your issue, remember that you can contact our Support Team.

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