Things you should know about the past sprint

Features in production ⚙️

Self-Service mobile flow

Help articles and videos in dashboards

New display for prices in Channel selection

Keep prospect assignation

Features in development ⚒

Facebook catalog app

The next sprint finishes on September 1st. This is the focus of our team:

Team Apps: FB Catalog, End points for Apps Reccomendatios for sign up, Error alerts for Apps missing configuration, Bugs from Quotes App.

Team Communication: Floating Date, Improvements related to quick replies feedback, Support for GIF and Stickers (inside the emoji component), Android & iOS (download images and show GIF and stickers received), Support Custom fields in HSM
Issues from Mobile (Shared inbox related and Quick replies related)

Team Conversation Channel: Including Stickers and Images reception, Develop and, Request a IG permission from FB to get user’s name and profile picture, Bots issues, New conversation Replied from Instagram, Review new number lines from Colombia
WABA refreshing issues revision

Team Structure: Sign Up improvements (focus on Apps installation), Webiste content updates, Order the Deal Stages in hubspot, Naming issues in big accoutns for duplication, Add Sandbox for WhatsApp for accounts which sign up in IG or FB as main channel, QR code/3 words code to match the first messages recieved from new leads.

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