I can't integrate Instagram with Sirena

1- The Instagram account you're trying to integrate with Sirena must be an Instagram Business account. In Sirena, we do not support personal Instagram accounts.
If you're not sure which type of account you have, you can go to your profile settings and look for the option "Business":

If the account isn't a Business Account, you can change it by going to Accounts, and Change Account Type.

2- The Instagram account must be connected to a Facebook Page. If it's already connected, you'll see something like this but with the information of your Instagram's Business Profile:

If the account is not connected, you must connect it by going to Settings, Instagram and follow the on-screen instructions to connect Instagram.
Make sure to allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox

3. The account must allow access to the messages in Settings, Privacy, Messages:

I can't send or receive Instagram messages

If you could integrate Instagram with Sirena but you're not able to send or receive new messages, it's important to consider this:

2- In Facebook, go to Advanced Messaging and select the last option, that says responses are partially automatic.

Then, check that Zenvia App has permission to instagram_basic and instagram_manage_messages

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