In this article, we cover the most common errors that can appear when trying to connect your Instagram Business account. Please check the following points to solve them:

1 - The account must allow access to messages in Connected Tools. If it is not, Sirena will throw the error "(#200) The account owner has disabled access to Instagram direct messages."

To activate it, please go to the Instagram mobile app and once there, go to Settings > Privacy > Messages to allow access to messages from connected tools.

2 - The Instagram account you're trying to integrate with Sirena must be an Instagram Business account. Please note that we do not support Creator or Personal accounts. When trying to connect a non-Business professional account, Sirena will throw this error: "(#10) The user is not an Instagram Business."

If you're not sure which type of account you have, you can go to your profile settings and look for the option "Business":

If you don't see that option, your account isn't set up as an Instagram Business Account. You can go to Settings > Account and change the account type.

You can also review the Instagram article directly to get started with Instagram for Business. Note that you may ask for certain information when making this change:

3 - The Instagram account must be connected to a Facebook Page. If it's already connected, you'll see something like this but with the information of your Instagram's Business Profile:

If the account is not connected, you must connect it by going to Settings > Instagram and follow the on-screen instructions to connect Instagram. Make sure to allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox:

4 - Your Instagram profile is already connected to Sirena. In case you have this problem, you will see the following message: “This Instagram account is already connected to Sirena. Try unplugging it first or use another one.”

If this is the case for you, please go to and remove Zenvia app. After removing it, please send an email to or contact us through your Sirena user from the Support option to continue helping you. Do not try to reconnect until we have confirmed by support that you can retry.

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