How to respond to Instagram clients

This is how our integration with Instagram Messages Works

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From Zenvia Conversion, you can reply to all customers who contact you by direct message from Instagram. Here’s how it works:

You will receive a derivative client to you via Zenvia Conversion Bots, or even through the transfer of a colleague.

This is how it will look from the client screen prior to being transferred.

instagram mensajes sirena crm

Once in conversation, your customer will be able to see your answers as if you were responding from the business account!

sirena bots instagram messages

The bot won’t activate with: mentions, likes, single emoji reactions. In this case, the contact will be distributed automatically.

Note: The Instagram API does not provide a DELIVERED or RECEIVED status (indicated by a gray double tick ☑️☑️) on sent messages, which means that you will only see a tick and then the blue double tick, indicating that it has been read. the message.

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