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What are Conversations in Zenvia Conversion?
What are Conversations in Zenvia Conversion?

Check the meaning of conversation in Zenvia Conversion to understand better your reports and business results

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The idea of conversations is to group messages belonging to one theme, time period, request, or interaction in a somewhat flexible or organic way, to be able to use them for further analysis or features.

Properties and behavior:

  • Every operation in a chat belongs to a conversation

  • A conversation ties a prospect and an agent or bot

  • Conversations are not related to WhatsApp sessions

  • There can only be one active conversation per prospect

A conversation starts when:

  • a prospect is created via API or manually

  • a prospect is unarchived (manually or by an action, for example, a new message from the agent or a merge)

  • a prospect is transferred

A conversation ends when:

  • a prospect is transferred

  • an agent closes the conversation

There are some specific close reasons that will not close a conversation: "Waiting for reminder" and "Waiting for a visit" (snooze). When a prospect is transferred, the active conversation is closed and a new conversation starts.

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