Sirena allows you to send quotes to your clients. Here I will show you how to configure this app and use it in your conversations.

1- Go to our marketplace and look for the quotes app.

2- Keep in mind that this app allows you to close conversations, so you must have activated the option "act as a user".

3- Then you have the catalog section, where you can upload the products manually, using a .CSV file and / or allow your advisors to upload products in their conversations.

upload catalog

Note: to upload products with CSV we recommend downloading our template, which will avoid upload errors.

upload catalog

4- In the next step you can add additional fields, in case you want to add extra data in your quotes, such as e-mails, telephones or ID.

additional fields

5- Then, you can choose to add these additional fields when exporting this quote as PDF.

6- The next step is to choose an image for the quote, which will go as a header in each quote you send. You can, for example, place your brand logo.

7- Finally we have these three options.

  • Choose whether to close the conversation or not when you make sales.

  • Always close contacts with sale (When adding a sale, the contact will be automatically closed for the "Sale" reason).

  • Never close contacts with the sale.

Quotes in action

1- In the conversation, select the + and click on the Quotes logo.

cotizaciones sirena

2- In the quote box you can add all the information that you previously configured.

setup quotes sirena

3- You can save the quote and leave it pending, so that there is an internal record.

quote created Sirena

4- If you want to send the quote, you can do it by sending it as a PDF. You will see the option in the upper right corner of the quote box.


5- If the client accepts the quote, open the quote box again, mark the sale as "closed" and set a date for it.

6- It will offer you the option to close or not the conversations after a sale.

congrats for the sale sirena quotes

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