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Why we use Instagram sessions and how they are calculated
Why we use Instagram sessions and how they are calculated

Why is it limited when I can start a conversation? What are the costs when using the Instagram API?

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Just like WhatsApp, the use of the integration with Instagram Messages has a variable cost that will be added to what you already pay for your plan with Zenvia Conversion.

Why are Zenvia Conversion sessions used?

Facebook's API service brings a lot of benefits to businesses. Among them, the main one, is that the API allows companies to enhance the attention of queries through complementary tools, such as Zenvia Conversion.

When you use Zenvia Conversion's integration with Instagram you are using the official Facebook API. As the API is commonly used by companies that can generate thousands of interactions, Facebook placed certain rules to prevent misuse of the application and to structure this, they created the concept of "Session".

As this is a Facebook rule, everyone who is authorized to use the API, including our competitors, charges for starting sessions.

This cost will be 0.01 USD for each session. Sessions can ONLY be initiated by the client, never by the business.

What is an Instagram "Session"?

It's a 7 days period that opens with a direct message from the customer.

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Every time you receive a message, those 7 days are extended. Therefore, you and your client can talk free of charge. Facebook does not allow to send automatic messages or content not related to the client's inquiry.

When you don't receive a response from the customer for 7 days, you can no longer send them messages again. The client will need to send a new message, therefore, it will start a new session with its respective cost of 0.01 USD.

Unlike WhatsApp and Facebook, Instagram does not allow the creation of message templates to request client contact.

It is important to be clear that it is not charged per message, this is done per session.

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