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Sirena allows you to reply to customers who send you direct messages on Instagram. But not only that:

  • You will be able to send welcome messages, rate your clients and distribute them among your advisors automatically, without the intervention of an advisor, thanks to Sirena Bots.

  • · You will get metrics similar to those you already use in our integrations with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, ranging from knowing the response time of your advisors to the number of sales made, among many others.

  • You'll have your customers centralized from Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, marketplaces, websites, and physical stores in one place!

How to activate Instagram Messages

  • Then, choose your Facebook account.

instagram zenvia sirena

  • And the Instagram account you want to manage with Sirena.

instagram sirena zenvia

  • And your Facebook pages.

    zenvia sirena instagram

  • Once the permissions are granted, you'll need to select what you want Sirena Bot to do with customers who send direct messages to your account. By default, you should select to be redirected to the corresponding computers.

    zenvia sirena instagram integration

And that's it! Your advisors and/or bots can start receiving queries from Instagram and answering them through Sirena. Check how it works by clicking here.


  • Only one IG account can be used per group.

  • A Basic plan can have up to 1 WhatsApp line, 1 FB Messenger account and 1 Instagram Messenger account on Sirena. There is no limit for Pro accounts.

  • Instagram messages cannot be mixed with WhatsApp or Facebook messages. In other words, if the same client contacts you via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, that would create three leads: one for each conversational channel.

  • Although it is possible to assign more than one channel per child group, Basic plans can only manage one Instagram account.

  • Like WhatsApp, Instagram's policies only allow you to work by session, agents can respond up to 7 days after the last message from the client.

  • Unlike the WhatsApp integration, it is not possible to use pre-approved templates to re-open the session. So you cannot talk to your client again if he doesn't start another conversation.

  • The integration is available for desktop and mobile devices.

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