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What do I have to know before deleting my WhatsApp account?
What do I have to know before deleting my WhatsApp account?

Read each of these items carefully before deleting your account.

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Deleting your WhatsApp account is a simple process, but you should take this into account if you do not want to affect the operation of your business in the future:

  • You will not be able to automatically import your contacts or WhatsApp conversations to your Sirena account.

  • After deleting your account, the number will be blocked until it is successfully integrated into Sirena.

  • Once your number has been integrated into Sirena, you will not be able to use it again with the WhatsApp Business or WhatsApp personal apps.

    Sirena uses the WhatsApp Business API to work with WhatsApp, once a phone number is registered in the WhatsApp Business API it is no longer possible to use it with the WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business apps. WhatsApp does not allow those numbers to be reactivated outside of the API.

  • Not all the WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business features are available in Sirena. Click here to know what are the limitations.

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