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Why You Should Verify Your WhatsApp Account
Why You Should Verify Your WhatsApp Account

Starting the verification process via Facebook is mandatory to moving forward.

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By this point, you're probably wondering why you need to go through the verification process and what the benefits are.

It's mandatory for your business to have a verified WhatsApp account, because it completely eliminates all restrictions on sending messages and conversations, allowing you to scale your conversations to a new level.

What are the limitations?

  • As soon as you create your account, you can use templates that have been approved by WhatsApp just to two contacts. On the other hand, you're only allowed up to 10 conversations a day.

  • Once you have started the verification process and are waiting to be approved, the limit remains at two contacts, but your clients can start up to 150 conversations a day with your business.

  • If you don't complete the verification via Facebook in 30 days, you will lose the line you registered in the preceding steps and will not be able to use it again.

  • Once your verification is approved, there are no longer any limits on the use of templates or number of conversations.

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