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How to activate and use the Tiendanube App in Zenvia Conversion

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With the Tiendanube app you can send automatic messages via WhatsApp every time you receive a new order from Tiendanube, in addition to being able to send all your product information directly from your conversation with the client in Zenvia Conversion.

To activate the app:

1 - Go to Apps and click on the Tiendanube icon:

2 - A screen will open where you have the option to install the app, as well as read more information about it.

It is important to read all the information in order to be able to use the app independently.

3 - Next, choose the group where you want to install the app. To do this, click the indicated button > select the desired group > click on Assign > Install:

Finally, connect to your Tiendanube accout:

4 - Once you are logged in to your account, approve permissions for Zenvia Conversion:

5 - Back in Zenvia Conversion, activate the option to send the desired automatic template. You can use any of the templates that you have previously activated for your line:

mensajes automaticos tienda nube sirena

6 - Click Save to confirm.

Using the Application:

1 - Go into any conversation and click the "+" symbol at the bottom of the screen, then click the Tiendanube icon:

2 - You'll see a screen open when you can enter the product SKU and select it:

tienda nube sirena

3 - You'll see a preview of the message you'll be sending. You can choose whether or not to add the price, a promotional price, and the description. Click Send to deliver the message to the client's WhatsApp.

IMPORTANT: clients who make a purchase through Tiendanube must have a phone number assigned to them so that they can be contacted via Zenvia Conversion.

To make the phone number a required field to make a purchase, log in to Tiendanube, go to Settings > Checkout Options and select Make telephone field required:

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