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Zenvia Conversion allows you to quickly set up a WhatsApp line

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Remember that this new line will have an activation cost.

Before you add a line, it is important that you review this article, where you'll learn about the implications adding a line has for the number you will use.

If you are a new customer or if you did not enter the number you want to use in Zenvia Conversion when registering, follow these steps.

Make sure you have the phone you have already registered with Zenvia Conversion handy. You will need it for a few verifications.

2- In the WhatsApp section, click "Add."

3- You can choose to use a line that already belongs to you, or to have a new number assigned to you (recommended), as shown in the image below:

Once again, please review the implications for either choice by clicking here.

If you select I want to obtain a new number from Zenvia Conversion, you must then select your country code and area code. Zenvia Conversion will provide various number options for each.

When you click "Next," you will be able to start setting up your Facebook Business account.

You can finalize this process yourself or invite a colleague to finish up. In this series of articles, you can find answers to all your questions about configuring your Facebook Business account.

It is vital that, when you create the name of your WhatsApp line, it complies with the criteria listed in this article. If not, Facebook will reject it.

In stage three of the process, when it comes time to validate your number, enter the number that you selected at the beginning of the process. A six-digit code will be sent to the phone number registered to your Zenvia Conversion account, so it is vital that you go to Settings > Groups & Users > Select edit on the user you're logged in as > in the cell phone field, add a number that can receive calls.

Once you have entered the code, click Verify and you will be abe to send a limited number of messages to a limited number of WhatsApp users. To send more messages, you will need to request verification for your business. This is a process you can do yourself, as we explain below:

If you run into trouble, you can schedule a video call with one of our agents, who will guide you through the process.

Next, click on "Go to new channel" and you're all set! In a few hours your line will be 100% activated and ready to use. Remember to refresh the page in your browser and clear the cache if you don't see your changes after a few hours.

If you select I have a number I want to use with Zenvia Conversion, follow the steps below:

1 - If it is a new number that you aren't using yet, follow the steps exactly as you would for a number provided by Zenvia Conversion, except that when it comes time to validate, enter the number you want to add.

2 - However, if the number is active and receiving chats and you do not have a verified Business Manager, follow the process for requesting a line through step three, which is the validation step. Do not complete that step.

3 - Next, verify your Business Manager on Facebook. You can do this yourself, as we explain below:

4 - Once your Business Manager is verified you can start the process of requesting a line again and complete it. At step 3, before you send the code, you will need to delete the WhatsApp account, as you will only be able to receive the validation code after you delete it. Keep in mind that when you delete the account you will lose all your conversation history.

Once the line is validated, wait until the process is completed, then click "Go to new channel," and you're all set! In a few house your line will be ready to use. Remember to refresh the page in your browser and clear the cache if you don't see your changes after a few hours.


● To validate your number, you must select the option to send the code via voice call. We cannot currently send the code via SMS.

● When the line is activated, you can also request a green check from WhatsApp, which will indicate to your clients that your business is verified. Zenvia Conversion is not a part of this process, but this article explains WhatsApp's verification process and how we can help you.

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