1- To activate this app, go to https://web.sirena.app/manager/integrations and press the + button on the side of the screen.

2- Click on the icon and log into your Paypal account.

3- You will be asked for some permits. After accepting them, reload the tab of your browser in which you have Sirena open, select "turn on" and then "save", to register the app.

Ready! Now your agents can share the link.

Paypal report

paypal report sirena

In this dashboard you can see information related to the payment links generated:

  • On hold: links generated that the customer has not paid yet.

  • Rejected: operations denied.

  • Sales: operations completed.

  • Total charged: total amount of sales made through this system.

Payment links by Agent

In this table you can see the same information as in the general report but differenciated by agent.

Payment links details

In this section you will see when the link was sent, the agent who sent it, to which client it was sent, the status, the total amount and the units sold in each link.

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