To send the Google Drive file you want, follow these steps:

1- Press the + symbol at the bottom of the conversation.

plus button

2- Select the Google Drive icon.

google drive app

3- You will be asked to log in with the Google account you use at work. Remember to have your browser's pop-up option enabled, otherwise, this feature will not be available.

On the Google Drive screen, you will be able to sort files by date, name, or even use the search engine to find them quickly.

You can upload any type of file and up to 10 at the same time! It is important that the file is allowed to be accessed by the client. You can configure this in your Google Drive account.

4- Choose the file and click on "Select" to send it directly to your customer.

If you want to logout from your Google Drive account and use another one, just repeat the operation up to point 3, but instead of clicking "Select" choose "Cancel".

*For the moment, this feature is only available in the Sirena Desktop version.

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