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We recommend taking a look at the following seven steps for administrator users.

1. Watch the training videos in this series

2. How can I add my teams to Sirena? Invite users here.

3. How do I set up the WhatsApp bot? It takes less than 10 minutes. Follow these steps.

4. Choose whether you want your groups to have shared or exclusive inboxes.

5. How can I request templates to use with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? What are the guidelines for requesting them?

6. Where do I upload quick response templates for each of my company's groups?

7. Integrate your channels to receive messages

How do I link my Facebook ads account to Sirena?

How do I integrate my website's contact form with Sirena?

What are the steps to install a WhatsApp button on my web sites?

How can I activate Facebook Messenger and Instagram with my Sirena account?

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