Your company surely wants to know how satisfied your clients are as a measure of the quality of your service.

Sirena Bots allows you to do this so that you can evaluate both your business's performance in general and the performance of your agents in order to take action to improve.

With this feature, the bot can ask clients for a rating and comments about their experience every time they finish a conversation with an agent. The satisfaction rating is recorded and counts toward a general rating for the agent and their group.

How does the Sirena Bots customer satisfaction tool work?

When a conversation is closed that meets the following criteria:

  • The conversation involved an agent.

  • The conversation has more than 250 characters (including spaces and responses from both agents and contacts).

  • The conversation was closed within 24 hours of the last response from the contact.

Sirena Bots will request a satisfaction rating:

Help us to improve. How satisfied are you with the customer service you received?

1️⃣ Very unsatisfied 
2️⃣ Unsatisfied
3️⃣ Neutral
4️⃣ Satisfied 
5️⃣ Very satisfied

IMPORTANT: Options 4 and 5 both count as "satisfied."

  • Next, Sirena Bots will ask for a comment:

"If you have any comments, leave them below👇"

  • Finally, it will end with a thank-you message:

Thanks for your feedback!

The Bot will wait up to 24 hours to receive a response to each question. Of the contact sends a message after that period, or after answering all the questions, a new conversation will be opened.

How Sirena calculates the CSAT: rating

The CSAT rating is calculated as follows:

csat sirena
  • An agent's CSAT rating is the sum of all the client responses from clients for conversations the agent participated in.

  • The CSAT rating for a group of agents is the sum of all the client responses for conversations the agents participated in.

You can see the latest rating and satisfaction responses and comments from contacts on the Contacts panel.

To use this feature, go to, select the desired channel (WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger) and activate the client satisfaction bot.

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