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HOW TO: Obtain an API Key

An API Key is required for interacting with the API, which can be obtained in two ways:

  • Each time an App is installed, Zenvia Conversion will automatically generate a new API Key for it. Read more in the API reference information below.

  • For other one-off uses you can manually generate an API Key using the API Access App.

HOW TO: Create your App Manifest

The first step towards developing your App is defining an App Manifest. This document declares the extension points the App uses and other necessary details (for example where the App backend is hosted).

To start developing your App and defining an App Manifest, fill out the following form:

HOW TO: Make your App public

If you wish to publish your App to the App Marketplace, please fill out the following form:

HOW TO: Import API endpoints to postman

To have all the API endpoints in postman, you need to download the Swagger file from the Reference and import it from Postman. You'll automatically have all the endpoints and the Query params.

HOW TO: Subscribe to Webhooks

To subscribe to Webhooks, click on your API Access App on the Apps section in Zenvia Conversion and make sure Webhooks is checked under Access level:

Once you enable Webhooks, send a POST request to the following URL:

In the request body, send the following JSON:

"string" // can be "interactions", "prospects", "quotes","agents"
"callbackUrl": "string" // This is the URL that will be listening

That's all! You'll begin receiving notification at the callback URL based on the topics you subscribed to.

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