As a developer you can build an App to connect with Sirena’s platform. This App will be hosted in your own infrastructure and can be built with the tech stack of your choice. By default, Apps are private for your own use in your account, but you can make them public for others to use.

For simple developments that only require access to the API, you can also use the API access App that will provide you with an API Key. However, to access the full capabilities of the platform, you should build an App.

These are some common use cases for building your own app:

Customize Sirena for your workflow:

  • Synchronize your CRM customer base with Sirena so your agents have all the customer context.

  • Send a WhatsApp notification to your customers when they make a business transaction.

  • Add a field to Sirena based on the ones you have on your CRM and it will update automatically.

  • Provide custom reports to users in Sirena.

  • Allow Sirena users to trigger custom contextual actions from conversations with customers.

  • And many more!

Integrate Sirena with your service or product: You can build an App that lets users connect Sirena to your service or product. This way your customers can integrate with Sirena easily.

In the next section we will tell you more about the tools and resources you have available to develop your App.

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