To access this section go to

In this section you can:

  • Discover and install new Apps.

  • Check the status of your installed Apps.

  • Configure your installed Apps.

  • Uninstall Apps.

The App Marketplace is where you go to discover and install Apps. Access the Marketplace by clicking on the "+" button located on the bottom right of the screen.

Sirena's App Marketplace

From here, you can install any App you want. We are expanding our App Marketplace all the time.

From the Apps screen you can also:

  • See all the installed Apps and their statuses.

  • Search installed Apps by name and status.

Sirena's App Screen

When you click on an App it will take you to the installation screen. Each App has a different configuration and settings. For example, this is what an email App looks like:

Example of the Email App screen

In the installation screen you can:

  • Configure each App with information from an external provider so that it will work (keep in mind that each channel will have a different configuration, so you may need help from Sirena support to finish setting the more technical configurations).

  • Choose the group that leads from this app will be assigned to.

  • Add notes, change the name, or disable/enable the channel.

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