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Getting started with Apps

This is how to start developing an App to connect with Zenvia Conversion

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What are Apps?

Apps can integrate Zenvia Conversion with other tools and services in a way that better fits your workflow, or extend the set of tools available to users. Apps have access to a range of APIs to perform these tasks.

Apps can be found in the Apps section where you can manage your installed Apps or install a new one from the App Marketplace.

What can Apps do?

Apps have access to a range of APIs that provide access to read, write and update all kinds of data in Zenvia Conversion.

Some of these features mirror what users can do:

  • Send and receive messages from Contacts.

  • Create new Contacts.

  • Read, update, archive, transfer and delete Contacts.

Some of these features are only available to Apps:

  • Add buttons to the action toolbar in a conversation.

  • Add fields to Contacts and Users.

  • Display custom Reports.

Where can I find Apps to install?

If you want to know more about the Apps available in our marketplace and how to install them, please go to the Apps section.

During your onboarding process, our Support Team can assist you in setting up your account and installing Apps that fit your workflow.

Which channels does Zenvia Conversion integrate with besides WhatsApp?

The conversational channels we focus on are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. However, Zenvia Conversion has a list of native Apps you can integrate with, and more than 2,000 others via Zapier.

Which CRMs does Zenvia Conversion integrate with?

Zenvia Conversion has a long list of Apps to increase your work's efficiency and agility. Check them out in the Apps section. If your CRM isn't on the list, it can probably be integrated via Zapier.

Can I build my own App?

Yes! To learn more about how you can build your own app and what resources you have available, please go to How to build your own App.

What's the difference between building my own App and using the API Access App?

The API Access App allows you to use a one-time API Key so you can call Zenvia Conversion's API. The API gives you permissions to the features described above that mirror what users can do while if you build an App it will let you do much more like create custom reports or add a custom button.

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